Spring Picture Day

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Highland Soccer Club Spring Picture Day

Saturday, April 5th at Lincoln Center

HIGHLAND SOCCER CLUB Picture Day Saturday, April 5th

Please have players arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the picture time. Teams will take pictures  even if coach is unavailable.

8:00The LadiesU14GTravelBrent Johnson
8:05H. ThunderU10BTravelGina Serna
8:10RoguesU6BT OrangeGina Serna
8:15AtomsU6NavyMonica Busovsky-Garcia
8:20WolvesU6GraphiteDesiree Brio
8:25CrewU8SilverChris Ducret
8:30RapidsU8BlackBrian Waddle
8:40H. Gold StrikersU12GTravelDennis DiSanto
8:45BlizzardU6WhiteAziza Gil
8:50TornatoU6TX OrangeWilliam Techentin
8:55ForceU8Royal BlueRobert Plantz
9:00Galaxy U8GreenSean Kingston
9:05H. LightningU12GTravelJodi Aurand
9:10BoomersU6GoldTheresa Knipe
9:15ThunderU6 BlackDan Mulcahy
9:20Lancers U6RedAllencia Ballard
9:25TimbersU8TX OrangeMichael Lebeter
9:30RoughnecksU6Forrest GrnLouis Santellano
9:35BlastU8GoldTed Witham
9:40LightningU8CardinalTed Witham
9:45Blue LightningU12BTraveflMike Wagner
9:55RevolutionU8MaroonChris Companik
10:00H. Lady ThunderU12GTravelDennis Zerbini
10:10H. BurnU8CoedGoldBill Laramie
10:15DynamoU8GraphiteBrian Aurand
10:20H. Lady WarriorsU14GTravelJoe Garcia
10:25H. SpartansU14BTravelForrest Wilson
10:35SoundersU6Royal BlueMary Brooks
10:45CosmosU6Col. BlueChristy Scheele
10:50RowdiesU6Kelly GreenChris Scallan
10:55FireU8RedDoug Fulkerson
11:00H. PumasU10BTravel Al Opitz
11:05RoguesU6BT OrangeTim Adams
11:10CometsU6CardinalVictor Sendejas
11:15StompersU6SilverScott Groff
11:20Lady TrojansU10GTraveSteve Venengro
11:25StingU8Forrest GrnPat Krull
11:30H. JaguarsU10BTravelBen Reinhart
11:35H. WarriorsU12BTravelPete Villarreal
11:40SlashersU14BTravelPat Krull
11:45Burn U8BT OrangeElizibeth Mako
11:50ManicU6 MaroonAmy Jo Giles
12:05H. RushU10GTravelRick Durkin
12:10H. Lady FireU10GTravelBob Ruzycki
12:15H. CosmosU10GTravelGreg Robinson
12:20H. Lady HotshotsU10GTravelMike Polen
12:25H. FireU10BTravelDave Hemcimovich
12:30H. HornetsU12BTravelAlex Safin
12:35H. UnitedU12BTravelMarco Yanez

NOTE: Please do not wear soccer cleats inside of Lincoln Center. (Gym Shoes or indoor soccer shoes are acceptable)

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Coaching Background Checks

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Attentions Coaches… Every year a background check must be submitted by all coaches…

CLICK HERE to submit a background check, then choose Indiana for the state, for the club choose Highland Soccer Club.

Please fill in all the fields and submit.

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British Soccer Camp

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Highland Soccer Club

July 21st – 25th at Meadows Park

$10 late fee if payment received after 7/12                      Free Jersey Deadline 6/6

Age GroupsCamp TypeCamp TimesCamp Cost
Age GroupsCamp TypeCamp TimesCamp Cost
Ages 4-6Mini Soccer 2 Hour9:00am - 11:00am$101
Ages 6 - 9Half Day9:00am - 12:00pm$119
Ages 6 - 9 Half Day Non-Member9:00am - 12:00pm$129
Ages 6-14Golden Goal Camp1:00pm - 3:00pm$40
Ages 10 - 14Half Day9:00am - 12:00pm$119
Ages 10 - 14Half Day Non-Member9:00am - 12:00pm$129


Coordinator: Mike Wagner
Mail to: 9430 Parkway Drive • Highland, IN 46322
Phone: 219-781-3205
Email: [email protected]

Register Online Now By Clicking Here


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Spring Season Starts April 5th!!!

highlandsoccer : January 31, 2014 8:17 pm : coaches-corner, image rotator

The Spring 2014 soccer season will begin on April 5th.  Check back here for more information as we get closer to April 5th.

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Field Day

highlandsoccer : July 15, 2013 4:48 pm : coaches-corner, image rotator

Lend us a hand!

The Highland Soccer Club needs parents to come out and lend a hand getting the field ready for the upcoming season for YOUR KIDS to play – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

We will meet at Sheppard park at 9:00am on Saturday March 29th, 2014 and would volunteers for no more than 2 hours to assist in Striping the fields.

It is easy work, but we could use at least 12 pairs of hands to do it quickly.  No hard labor required.

Remember this is a VOLUNTEER organization and we rely on parents to lend a hand in making your child’s soccer experience better.

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